Thursday, November 5, 2015

Clearing the misconcept that Bhagath Singh is atheist

This is my view.
First i have to clear what really is atheism.Atheism means being more materialistic,they are dead from inside.Only difference between atheism and divine ,divine are lively and cheerful.Those are the parameters how you differentiate between atheist and divine.In bagath singh case as his thought process says he was lively and cheerful,thats not atheism,its spiritual highs.Spiritual highs come from character.His character was divine,his thought process pure.He was a clean soul,they are very rare,feel great has a Indian we have seen such a lovely soul.Thats loveliness of character,so only he is so famous.Vivekananda says the difference between divine and devil is just that grace.Bagath singh is full of grace.Hence proved bagath singh is no atheist.

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